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A Very Special Autumn at The Devon Croft

This autumn has been a particularly busy time for us as we welcomed a new addition to the team; our baby boy Sidney.

Born in late September, Sidney was quickly introduced to daily life on the farm. At a week old he was out with us feeding pheasants and checking our animals. At 4 weeks old he came on his first shoot day and has been on every one since, sleeping either on Jake or myself with his headphones on.

After the success of our Herdwick lambs, that were born in the spring, we have welcomed some more Herdwick ewes to our flock whom have been running with Huckleberry our Herdwick Ram for a few weeks. Fingers crossed for lots more lovely Herdwick lambs arriving in this coming spring.

Two batches of pigs this year have provided us and our customers with lots of tasty pork.

The first batch were 4 Iron age x Sandy and black pigs who resided in one of our unused pheasant pens. A perfect mix of field and woodland which they thoroughly enjoyed rooting up and they did a great job at clearing a large proportion of brambles that had taken over the pen.

Our second batch were 3 lovely large black gilts. A very gentle trio, also lived in the old pheasant pen. Not as lively as the previous bunch but they very much enjoyed bumbling around in there.

Our chickens have continued to be a great addition to the Croft. Although their lifespan isn't particularly long, it's lovely to watch them running around in their orchard pen. We now have a mobile pen out in the sheep fields where our winter batches of chickens will be. We move them onto fresh grass every few days to prevent them getting too muddy.

Finally, our Crofters Cabin will be up and running this coming Spring. We are very excited to welcome our guests and show them our little piece of Devonshire heaven.

Thank you to all our wonderful customers who continue to support us, we wish you a great year ahead!

Jake, Alice, Sidney

Pod, Bean, Sika and Sybil

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