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Summer at The Devon Croft

A big sigh of relief ensues during the Summer months. Following the relentlessness of Winter and an unexpected wet Spring, the animals can enjoy themselves outside with the sun on their backs. The Lambs are growing well in the lead up to weaning, the Chickens are enjoying their orchard pen and the Pigs are doing well in their woodland enclosure.

The mud has disappeared and it’s almost hard to remember a time when the fields were undriveable, the dogs were being cleaned and dried every 5 minutes and we were going through multiple jackets a day!

A highlight for us during the summer is shearing the sheep. Being a flock of mostly black sheep, they certainly feel the heat so it’s nice to see them thrive once again after their heavy thick fleeces are gone.

We are well into our batches of chickens now and are thrilled that we have chicken in the freezer once again. Many a barbecue has been enjoyed with home grown chicken wings and drumsticks.

We have received our sheepskins back (from last year’s lambs) from the tannery, they are definitely our best ones yet!

We have both white and brown sheepskins available so do get in touch if you would like to purchase one.

Thank you for your continued support

Jake, Alice

Pod, Bean, Sika, Sybil

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