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Winter at The Devon Croft

The start of 2023 has been filled with ice cold mornings, lots of meat sales and the end of the shooting season.

As the days begin to lengthen once again we can start to remember a time when the fields are not water logged, when the dogs don't need washing off every time they go outside and when one or two layers of clothing will suffice.

Although winter is not the most enjoyable time of the year, it's the time where once a week we get to spend the day outside with friends and work the dogs. It's the time of year where our Springer Spaniel Podrick and Labrador Sika get to do what they love, pheasant shooting! Pod continues to prove his age wrong and Sika continues to improve as a picking up dog. The enjoyment achieved when watching your dog do what they are meant to do is unimaginable. That and the pub dinner afterwards!

This month we scanned our ewes to find out if the rams had done their job!

Success all round! Smarty (the one bollock wonder) managed to get all of the Zwartble ewes in lamb apart from Nigella who we suspected may not get in lamb as she is getting on a bit now, so retirement it is for her! According to the scanner we will be getting 2 singles, 9 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets from our Zwartble ewes.

Glenn Huckleberry, our Herdwick ram, is also in the good books as he got both of our Herdwick ewes in lamb with singles! Bring on April where we will be bringing you lots of lambing news!

Thank you to everyone who have purchased meat from us this month. We are so grateful to everyone for supporting us and reporting back with glowing reviews. We have lots of lamb currently available so do get in touch if you're interested!

This month we will be focussing on getting the Cabin finished and ready to open in the Spring! Wish us Luck!

Alice, Jake, Pod, Bean, Sika and Sybil.

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